Version 46

Version 46

In this release we bring you the following new features and improvements:

Group Recognition

We are continuing to evolve the look and functionality of the main recognition wall. We are seeing more and more team recognitions being shared and this has prompted us to address how these types of recognitions are presented within your recognition system.

Each team or group recognition will now be posted on to the recognition wall as one entry, which lists all of the team members involved. This has the added benefit of allowing any likes or messages of congratulations to be shared with all of the recipients, rather than being written and populated on an individual basis.

This method for grouping the wall entries has also been applied to Service Awards, which will now be grouped by length. Where you have multiple awards in one day (e.g. 3 x 5 years and 2 x 10 years) they will be announced together on the wall and any messages of congratulations will be sent to all those who have received the same length of service award.

We have introduced some further updates to the look and feel of the wall, which include:

  • The option to comment / add a message of congratulations will now show after you have ‘liked’ the recognition.
  • Comments/congratulations will show in date order (newest first) no matter who commented (comments from your directors will no longer be highlighted).
  • When viewing a recognition all colleagues (where applicable) will be shown the option to ‘Recognise Again’, rather than this option being reserved for managers. This has been updated to an icon rather than a button.
  • All grouped entries will be shown as such when viewing the wall within Workstars TV or via your integrations (e.g. Chatter, Yammer, Teams).
  • Any company posts (e.g. ‘service awards’ and ‘ad hoc rewards’ will now be displayed as coming from your CEO/MD rather than the company name.
  • Wall entries more than 1 years old will be removed from the wall (this does not affect your system reporting).

Employee Profiles

As part of this release, an employee profile will be created for all employees and will be visible to colleagues when searching or clicking on the profile image of an individual. The layout of the employee profile page has been improved with clearer visibility of recognitions given and received, a timeline of events, and separate tabs for viewing use of company values and the network graph of recognition interactions.

Alongside the updates to employee profiles, we have also addressed the layout of key information across budgets, recognition history and action lists. Information displayed in ‘My Data’ and ‘Outstanding Actions’ have been given a clearer tabular layout:

Please note: Due to the nature of these improvements, we will need to implement the changes over a number of days to ensure that the wall data is migrated accurately. If the above changes are not yet visible on your platform, please don’t worry, as they will be coming soon. If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to contact your Account Manager.

Version 45

Version 45

In this release we bring you the following new features and improvements:

Company Awards

It’s finally here…. You can now use your recognition platform to also run your Company Awards!

Setting up your Company Awards couldn’t be easier, as it’s already enabled in your administrator portal for you. Click on the More tab and select Company Awards. The online wizard will guide you through the set up.

As part of this initial version of company awards, employees will be asked to put forward the award nominations (based on recognition raised within a set eligibility period) and the business can then decide on and award the winners.

You will eventually have 3 company award types to select from, which will give you greater choice in how you nominate and choose your winners (the other 2 options are coming soon!).

You can run multiple company awards at any one time. For each award you will need to add a descriptive name, select who is to be included (all employees or only certain company departments), set your eligibility period (nominees will have need to have received recognition in this period), and your nomination period:

You will then need to set your prizes and decide whether you will award these outside of the system or pay the prize amount directly into their recognition account (or you don’t need to award prizes at all if you prefer):

Creating a nomination is a simple, quick and easy process that sits along side recognition. Once you’ve selected the award, enter a reason for the nomination, tag colleagues who you would like to lend their support to the nominate and then hit the Nominate button:

All nominations and support comments are published on the wall within your recognition platform, giving colleagues across the business visibility of eligible nominations. They can then get involved, whether they are inspired to create their own nomination or offer support to those nominations already put forward:

Your administration portal gives you full visibility of the awards you’re running, with details of all of the nominations and support reasons they’ve attracted. You can download the details of the nominations to help aid you choose your winners, and when the nomination window closes and you are ready to select your winners you simply select each winner and make the announcement. If you have selected for the system to pay out your prizes then the funds will be credited to the winners’ balances.

If you have any questions at all about setting up Company Awards on your recognition system, please contact your Account Manager.

Version 44

Version 44

In this release we bring you the following new features and improvements:

Simplified Recognition Form

During our busy working days we want to ensure that giving recognition is as quick and straight forward as possible. That is why we continue to simplify and improve the recognition form, ensuring it captures all the essentials whilst also being streamlined and user friendly.

Following the same process, colleagues will need to click on the search icon to select who they would like to recognise:

This will open the new simplified recognition form, where they can add additional colleagues to recognise, free type their recognition reason and select the company value. There are new icons available for selecting to print the recognition, hide the reason, or tag anyone else who should know about the recognition:

Budget holders will be able to add reward to the recognition by clicking on the new Add Reward button and selecting the appropriate reward type:

Wall Filter

In addition to the existing wall filters (tabs to select country, reporting group, my colleagues, my recognition) we have also added a secondary filter to allow a filter against recognition and service awards (where you are using Service Awards):

What’s New

We are rolling out improvements and bug fixes on a weekly basis. For a full change log and details of all minor releases, please click on the ‘What’s New?’ link in the bottom black banner within your admin portal:

We hope you enjoy the changes. If you have any feedback or questions, please contact your Account Manager.

Version 43

Version 43

In this release we bring you the following new features and improvements:

Workstars TV

Got some amazing recognition being shared at the moment? Want to promote these on your screens around the office or factory floor? The great news is, Workstars TV is here to help you do that!

With Workstars TV, you can easily display the most recent wall entries on any screen in your office by generating a dedicated URL from your admin portal. Just enter this URL in the browser linked to your screen and the latest recognitions will be displayed one at a time, in a continuous loop.

It’s simple to set up and the display format is taken care of for you without any complicated configuration. To set up Workstars TV, log into your admin portal and click on Settings and then select Workstars TV from the left hand menu:

Simplified Company Values

In order to simplify the set up and use of company values within your recognition platform you will now only need the title of your company values, behaviours, competencies or pillars.

When creating a recognition you can now simply select your value (or equivalent) from a drop down list, making the recognition process even quicker and straight forward:

In order to make this change, any previously used images or descriptions will be removed, as they will no longer be displayed within the recognition form or displayed within recognition emails.

Version 42

Version 42

In this release we bring you the following new features and improvements:

Recognition Emails

In order to provide clear instructions to employees and managers within the recognition emails, we have updated the content in a number of existing system emails. To also encourage further engagement we have introduced a number of new emails, including:

  • Reminder to complete outstanding actions
  • Reminder to managers to build their team (where hierarchy isn’t managed by the company)
  • Encourage employees to make their first recognition
  • Encourage managers to recognise their team members
  • Encourage employees to ‘Like’ their favourite Perks (where Perks are available)
  • Director access – emails will be sent to inform employees where access Director account access has been granted, used and revoked

The above new emails are going to be phased into use so that we can monitor their impact on your recognition scheme.

Scheme Branding

In order to make branding your recognition platform and emails easier we have improved the layout of the branding page within the administration portal. Whether you want to add or edit the branding for the login page, the website banner or emails this can now be done from one page, with clear instructions and tips to help you get the best from the imagery you upload:

Company Profile Image

To allow a more personal touch to your service awards, company recognition or company awards, the accompanying profile image used on the wall will be that of your CEO or MD instead of the company profile image.

Please note: Where your hierarchy isn’t managed by the company, you can now flag your CEO/MD within the ‘Position Details’ section of their account:

Version 41

Version 41

In this release we bring you the following new features and improvements:

Client Catalogue

We have made some improvements to the client catalogue feature. Whether you are using our rewards and just want to add some internal rewards/company swag or if you want to manage your rewards using your own preferred supplier, its simple to add a variety of item types (vouchers, merchandise, days off, caps, pens, etc.).

You can add virtually any product to your catalogue with the flexibility of three different pricing types; fixed price, price range or option based pricing (e.g. size, colour, denomination, etc.). You can add products to any country in all the supported currencies.

When employees order from your client catalogue their balance will be updated accordingly and the order details will be queued in the administration portal ready for you to download and process.

To enable your own client catalogue and to start adding items, go to “Settings” and select “Redemption > Settings” . If you are using the old client catalogue, please contact support and we will discuss how to migrate.

Recognition Report

To offer you more flexibility when exporting your recognition data, we have removed the “Complete Recognitions” report from the Analysis tab and you will instead be able to download from the Recognitions tab.

Use the filter options to select the appropriate date range, company value, reporting group and/or status before clicking on the cloud icon to download the report:

Please note: Any administrator with “Analysis” access rights will have access to the recognition tab and will be able to view and download the recognition details. They will not be able to give recognition on behalf of the company or manage/update any of the recognition previously awarded.

HR Data Sync

If you wish to automate your data feed via our API you can now enable this within your System Settings. If you currently provide your company hierarchy data, to turn this feature on you will need to be able to provide both your employee and hierarchy data in separate XML files.

If you have any questions about automating your data feed please click on the ‘Documentation’ link (in the black banner from your admin portal) to read ‘How to sync your HR data’, or speak to your Account Manager.

Version 40

Version 40

In this release we bring you the following new features and improvements:

New Recognition Search

Taking on board all feedback, we are pleased to announce the introduction of a new and improved recognition search feature. The first critical step in creating a recognition is being able to search for the colleague(s) you wish to recognise. To make this as quick and easy as possible, the search tool now allows you to initiate the search in a number of ways.

To make a recognition, click on the search icon:

The search tool will automatically display a list of colleagues who you have recognised most recently, allowing you to select their name and quickly add them to the recognition form.

If you are new to recognition or haven’t yet recognised anyone, the search tool will show you colleagues who are closest to you in the organisation. It will prioritise those who are most relevant, including your direct reports, colleagues in the same team, your line manager, or other people in your department:

If the person who you are looking for isn’t detailed in the list then you can simply start typing their name. The search tool will now search by first and last name and show you a list of relevant matches:

If you prefer, you can also browse a directory of colleagues by either first or last names (click on the ‘browse’ link at the bottom of the search box):

When creating a team recognition you can use the new search tool to carry on adding employees, making use of the automated suggestions list to select your colleagues (or click the down arrow next to their names to see a list of their direct reports or fellow team members):

We have also ensured that the new search tool is available across other areas of the recognition system, and this includes:

  • When searching for colleagues in the “who else should know” section of the recognition form
  • Searching for and adding colleagues into your ‘My Team’ dashboard (where hierarchy isn’t updated by the company)
  • Searching for colleagues to grant account access (available to Directors only)
  • Searching for a colleagues public recognition profile
  • All of these features and tools are also available when logged into your recognition account from your mobile or tablet device, as well as desktops.
Version 39

Version 39

In this release we bring you the following new features and improvements:

New Mobile Experience

We are excited to announce our new mobile experience which is now powered by a fully responsive website design. This means that no matter what your employees are using, whether it be a mobile/cell phone, tablet, laptop or desktop, the website layout will be optimised for the screen size of their device.

On mobile devices (smaller screens) we have improved the menu layouts…

…and you will also notice that data graphs and tables will automatically re-size to give the best view of all of the team reporting, etc.

SAML Error Log

To help identify issues with users logging in via single sign on, we have introduced a SAML error log. If a user has reported an issue logging into their recognition account and you have single sign on enabled then you (or your technical admin) can go to Settings > Sign On > Single Sign On (SAML) > click on the down arrow next to the Settings button and click on “Error Log”:

Within the description of the error log you will be able to identify each user by their name id and whether the sign in issue relates to:

  • Their account is not found. You would need to check your data feed to ensure their account has been created and their details are correct, paying particular attention to their name id (by default this would be their email address).
  • Their position is pending. This means they have an account but they have not been allocated a position within the hierarchy data and log in is prevented. You would need to remap your position/hierarchy data to correct this.
  • Their account has been deleted. Accounts are deleted automatically when they are removed from the employee feed. You can check the leavers log (under the ‘Finance’ tab) to establish when their account was removed and if they had any balance. If they were removed in error you would need to re-add them to the data feed and manually re-instate their balance.

Editing Employee Details

Where your employee account details are managed by a data feed, manual updates to main account details are prevented. We have made the information within your admin portal clearler to help you identify where data is managed by your feed. This information can be edited by making the necessary changes within your HRIS and re-syncing the data feed (or waiting for the sync to next run, if it is already scheduled).

Version 38

Version 38

In this release we bring you the following new features and improvements:

Company Report

To further enhance the system reporting capabilities, we are pleased to make available a new Company Report. Following the format of the quarterly Director’s Report, this report allows your senior management team to have an overarching view of how employees, across the organisation, are engaging with your recognition platform.

Access to the Company Report will be granted automatically where you have mapped your CEO, MD or other senior managers to the “Senior Management Team” reporting group. Or you can grant access via the employee details in the administration portal, by selecting ‘Senior Management Team’ within the reporting access section:

To then access the report from the employee portal, click on ‘My Data’ and you will see ‘Company Report’ in the left hand menu:

To access the report from the administration portal, click on the ‘Analysis’ tab and select ‘Company Report’ from the drop down options:

Employee Profiles

Taking on board user feedback we have made some improvements to the employee profiles page, you will notice the following changes:

  • A simplified layout across the Employee Profile page
  • The option to add a favourite value and have this posted onto the wall has been removed. The statistics related to this function have also been removed from the administration portal.
  • We have added in visibility of service award milestones, listed under “Last Achievements”
Version 37

Version 37

In this release we bring you the following new features and improvements:

Editing Wall Entries

To allow employees greater control over what they post to the recognition wall, we have introduced further options for them to edit a recognition reason or a congratulations.

To use this feature the employee will need to expand the recognition view on the wall (using the down arrow) and click on the ‘More’ link. If the recognition has been given by the employee themselves, they will see the option for “Edit Reason”:

If they wish to edit a congratulations message that they have submitted, they will need to follow the same process of expanding the recognition view, clicking ‘More’ and then selecting the option in the drop down for “Edit Congratulation”.

Employees can still report content, but this should only be used for any ‘inappropriate’ content, as the recognition will be removed from the wall until it has been reviewed by an administrator.

Microsoft Teams

We have added a new integration for Microsoft Teams so you can post your wall entries (recognitions, service awards, etc.) to a Teams group of your choosing (items that are hidden from the wall are not posted).

Just go to Settings then Integrations, click Microsoft Teams and follow the setup instructions.

Please visit the documentation store for an integration guide or contact support for assistance.